I’ve been running a speciality coffee business since 2012. I’m into coffee, business, being productive, and trying to live a better life, whatever that means.
Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

Running a business is hard, especially in the early days. Those first few years are brutal. If your business is just getting off the ground, there’s a good chance you’re looking around a lot. You’re thinking that everyone is doing better than you are.

It’s tempting to start pretending that…

Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash

Storing notes, links, quotes, and other bits of information shouldn’t be so difficult.

You must have experienced this. Some stuff seems to fit in one place, but not another, and so you end up saving things everywhere. Like a squirrel burying nuts for the winter, you’re busy but disorganised. You…

Lee Newell

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